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-Not all tunes are created equally-

Often many times one of the most critical services while modifying your vehicle is the actual tuning process. EFI Tuning can make or break your vehicle's power potential, reliability, as well as driveability. We will let Matt, the Master EFI Tuner / Calibrator, elaborate.

"Putting up a big horsepower number on the dyno is not the key to success on a tune. It's actually just a small piece of the equation. Whether it's a daily driven vehicle or even more race only, the car will always see more idle time and part throttle driving compared to Wide Open Throttle. These are two of the areas that are often rushed due to them being in many cases the most challenging and consume the most time. With today's technology and advancements in OEM ECM tuning support and capabilities, I feel it's completely unacceptable to settle for any poor street driving and Idle manners in any late model GM LS / LT equipped vehicle. The term "Good Enough" is used way too often, unfortunately. I've always strived to deliver a result to customers rather than just service. After tuning and driving hundreds of different models with a wide range of applications, there's good news. You can have your cake and eat it too!
As for aftermarket ECMs, combined with today's technology, the sky really is the limit. Further advancements in these, once referred to as "Race Only" ECMs, are becoming a popular commodity in forced induction streetcars without sacrificing the amenities like factory gauges all the way to OnStar and heated and cooled seats.
With many of your "Street Cars" now getting to 2500rwhp+, The aftermarket ECM manufacturers are constantly releasing new software and hardware to offer ease of integration into your late model GM Vehicle. This means getting to take full advantage of all the features the aftermarket engine management system has to offer, like closed loop fuel control, staging, boost control, multiple stages of nitrous,16 Injectors, dual throttle bodies, traction control, fault management, and much much more all in one unit.
This doesn't exclude added benefits for you guys with race cars. Even the race cars are benefiting heavily from the advancements in the aftermarket ECM world. If I would have asked you 10 years ago would cars be running 3.60s in the 1/8th mile on Drag Radials? What would your answer be?"


- Matt Zapalac

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