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Dyno Tuning

Crossed Flags Performance - Dyno Tuning Houston - Mustang MD1100 Outlaw Dyno

Looking for a quick ball park estimate or have a question about Dyno Tuning? If you are a facebook user, you can chat with us virtually anytime on Facebook Messenger. Please hit the Blue Facebook messenger bubble on the right side of the page to chat with Matt, CFP's Late Model GM LS and GM GenV LT Tuner today


Our dyno of choice is a Mustang "Outlaw Series" MD1100 Loaded Dyno. The Mustang Dynamometers are the preferred choice for serious performance tuners and aftermarket product developers for a reason: they know the facts. Fact is – in order to get the best tuning results, you need a dyno that applies an accurate load like the car would see on the road or track. Other dynos don’t compare.

Many of the best performance tuners in the world use a Mustang Dynamometer for its unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use. Automotive performance tuning is both an art and a science — a discipline that demands the quality and precision that a Mustang Dynamometer provides.

At Crossed Flags Performance LLC, our approach is a little different than many of the other performance shops out there. Our Dyno Tuning services are not centered around making a big peak HP number. Optimal drivability, reliability, and efficiency are a must at CFP. Whether you have a 300hp car or 2000+hp performance vehicle, our goal is to deliver a result to our customers to meet their goals without sacrificing the drivability of the vehicle.

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