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Crossed Flags Performance - Dyno Tuning Houston - Mustang MD1100 Outlaw Dyno

Crossed Flags Performance LLC utilizes a new Mustang "Outlaw Series" MD1100 Loaded Dyno. The Mustang Dynamometers are the preferred choice for serious performance tuners and aftermarket product developers for a reason: they know the facts. Fact is – in order to get the best tuning results, you need a dyno that applies an accurate load like the car would see on the road or track. Other dynos don’t compare.

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Many of the best performance tuners in the world use a Mustang Dynamometer for its unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use. Automotive performance tuning is both an art and a science — a discipline that demands the quality and precision that a Mustang Dynamometer provides.

At Crossed Flags Performance LLC, our approach is a little different than many of the other performance shops out there. Our Dyno Tuning services are not centered around making a big peak HP number. Optimal drivability, reliability, and efficiency are a must at CFP. Whether you have a 300hp car or 2000+hp performance vehicle, our goal is to deliver a result to our customers to meet their goals without sacrificing the drivability of the vehicle.

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