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Chassis Dynos

CFP Tuning Crossed Flags Performance LLC Dyno Tuning MD1100 Mustang Dyno

CFP-Mustang MD1100-Dyno

What all can a dyno do?

A "Dynamometer" is a tool that enables you to simulate driving and racing conditions in a safe, secure, and equipped area. A  dyno can be used for diagnostics & data logging that gives you visual gains and/or losses from the measured Horsepower and Torque.
A Dyno also allows the tuner to be able to dial in VE tables, spark maps, transient functions, MBT timing, cam timing, fueling enrichment, converter lockup, shift points, etc. through a stable testing environment with minimal variables. Many dynos also have features like 1/4 mile testing and acceleration time from a rolling speed.

What a dyno cannot do?

A dyno cannot fix mechanical issues with the vehicle nor electrical issues of any kind. It may be used in discovering them, but neither the dyno or laptop will fix or tune out mechanical or electrical issues.

A dyno won't print out the same power and torque number when compared to other dynos nearby. The power numbers will vary from dyno to dyno due to countless reasons like an inertia dyno vs. a loaded dyno. Other scenarios can stem from faulty weather stations giving false correction factors, wrong dyno calibration parameters, dyno's physical and electrical condition, and much more. 

The Dyno also requires a dyno operator that has a great understanding of how a dyno works and must be able to operate the dyno properly. No Dyno Manufacture "Patented" the perfect dyno, nor the Laws of Physics. A dyno is a tool in the Tuner's toolbox. Plain and simple!



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